A GRAPE MOVE............

Having served for over 30 years in the British Army, Fred Donnison travelled to Thermopylae, fell in love with the local wine and traditional winemaking methods and decided to invest in Greece as he said in his interview in 2017.

“I was asked why I named the company “St. George Winery”: St. George is a Saint that connects England and Greece as the patron Saint of the Armed Forces in both countries and I found it to be the perfect name. Also in honour of the Soldier King Leonidas who, with his 300 Spartans and locals, sacrificed their lives at Thermopylae in the name of the highest ideals of Democracy and Freedom. The British Army also had a presence here during the Second World War and had set up its observation post at this particular point.” Even the translation of the Greek grape variety Agiorgitico of the organic red “Land of Thermopylae” is formed from the two words Aghios=Saint and Georgios=George”.

The totally organic old and new vineyard and winery are used only for the winemaking of the “Land of Thermopylae” wine by the family members and trusted team of professionals in order to keep the procedure under strict surveillance.

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St Georges Winery team produces the "Land of Thermopylae".
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